Dreamcatcher in a Bottle: ESNC’s Ode to Louis Vuitton’s Attrape Reves

Strolling through a perfume shop can often feel like stepping into a timeless dance of aromas, where each fragrance tells a story, and every spritz invites you to be a part of that narrative esnc. Among the numerous crystal bottles and intoxicating scents, a particular fragrance from ESNC Perfumery draws attention – a symphony of elegance inspired by none other than Louis Vuitton’s renowned Attrape Reves.

Attrape Reves, which translates to “Dreamcatcher,” is Louis Vuitton’s ethereal blend of unpredictability and sophistication. This scent is a sensual journey through a world where cocoa’s bitterness meets the floral buoyancy, creating a dreamy, starry aura. It’s a fragrance that mesmerizes and intrigues, much like a mysterious dream that you yearn to interpret.

Enter ESNC’s version, which is akin to an artist interpreting a classic piece of music with a fresh, personal touch. Their rendition retains the allure of the original but adds layers that give it a unique character. The initial burst is a sparkling mix of bergamot and ginger, evoking the sensation of a fresh morning dew. It’s lively and invigorating, reminiscent of the initial allure one feels when drawn to the promise of a dream.

As the scent unfolds, ESNC’s interpretation pays homage to the original’s heart of cocoa and flowers. However, they’ve introduced nuances of velvety rose and heady jasmine, creating a more profound, richer floral experience. This heart is like the core of a dream, intricate and layered, where every note is like a symbol waiting to be deciphered.

The dry down is where ESNC truly plays its wild card. While Attrape Reves rests on a musky base, ESNC introduces hints of amber, vanilla, and a touch of oakmoss. It’s a grounding, earthy finish, a gentle reminder of reality after a dream’s ephemeral embrace.